8 Ways to File Effective Freight Claims

Effective Freight Claims No matter how much you try to prevent cargo loss and damage, well…stuff happens. Planning for them is key to preventing claims and settling them quickly when they do occur….

What Is Backordering?

When Amazon put the Echo on sale for Black Friday in 2018, it sold out of stock almost instantly. With such a huge demand for their product, it would have been foolish for…

11 Ways to improve your Import Benefits

Ways to improve your Import Benefits 1. Work With A Government-regulated Trading Program Ghana, Ivory Coast, and many other countries have strict regulations that include regulating trade between African farmers and exporters in…

What is CKD/SKD condition in Logistics?

In certain cases, the goods required to be transported are so huge that it is practically impossible to carry the same in a single transport vehicle. Additionally, in certain cases, it is logistically…



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