6 Ways 3PL Is Solving Supply Chain Problems

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Third party logistics services are changing the narration of supply chains across the country. Today’s supply chains are faced with more and more challenges when it comes to running a cost-effective and efficient organization. As such, many industry leaders and more businesses are outsourcing their supply operations to Third-Party Logistics solutions and FTWZ in India to help deal with these growing challenges. Here we present 6 most common ways of how free trade warehousing zones and 3PL are efficiently solving supply chain issues.

Labour Shortages

According to reports, 60% of supply chain operations face a large obstacle when it comes to hiring and retaining a skilled workforce. And a wrong team can lead to customer dissatisfaction, thus negatively impacting the business. With the increased demands and expectations by customers, a skilled labour force is essential to be at the top of the game. As such, a 3PL provider and FTZ in India is crucial to a business’ growth as it has processes in place which can be used to recruit and retain qualified supply chain professionals on a business owner’s behalf.

Poor Service Quality

Most of the time, business owners have no experience and knowledge of the supply chain, and this lack of knowledge can lead to poor service quality. On the other hand, service quality is at par with trusted 3PL companies as they ensure that experts implement their years of experience and expertise in your logistics and supply chain operations to enhance service quality. They generally have an eye of detail to check the overall service quality and also ensure accuracy with multiple quality checks.

Lack of Visibility

Growing supply chain operations, especially in a free trade zone often becomes wider. It is essential to have good visibility of inventory across all channels. Software programs are an obvious solution to the increased complexity of supply chain operations, but most often, they are underutilized, thus resulting in a poor return on investment. 3PL providers give you access to free trade warehousing zones and also assist you in getting the most out of technology through Warehouse Management Software (WMS).

Increased Volume of Orders

Due to companies like Amazon and Flipkart, customers have come to expect and demand a large variety of products from their online retailers. With the increase in variety come increased expenses, thus resulting in increased products stored in the warehouse or any FTZ in India, and finally increased complexity for packing orders. Coordination with multiple vendors and manufacturers is a tedious task for many companies, and as such, the right 3PL solution will help business owners maximise their existing space and processes.


A 3PL has the capability to analyse a company’s existing supply chain so they can identify areas of unnecessary touch points and costs. Using this information, they will be able to offer recommendations to build a better network. Cutting inefficiencies will help to improve operational costs and ensure that customers remain loyal to a company.

Time Pressure Issues

Efficient supply chain operations demand a lot of time and needs high concentration. Order delivery delays can put a huge negative impact on a company’s brand image and can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Working with a reliable 3PL company or any FTWZ in India can help business owners overcome this time pressure or slow TAT (Turnaround Time) with ease. They deploy the latest equipment and technology in warehouse and free-trade zones to ensure faster and secure delivery.

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