Add Value to Your Import-Export Business with Logistics Value Added Services

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Logistics value added servicesLogistics value added services enable businesses to extend more benefits and ensure greater customer satisfaction through VAS (Value Added Services). Using VAS is critical in operations that depend largely on customer trust. Supply chain, warehousing, and logistics are amongst the most competitive sectors today and adding value can provide your business with the much-needed competitive advantage.

Value Added Services in Warehouse and Logistics

VAS or value-added services refer to the additional warehousing and distribution services that are offered by 3rd party logistics providers to businesses interested in outsourcing their supply chain operations. Logistics value added services have a massive and direct impact on customer satisfaction levels of an organization. At the same time, it helps increase the organization’s bottom line. Service providers are aware of the business’ ins and outs and help the organization respond to customers’ dynamic needs. Companies that partner with logistics value added services providers (such as OSV) can focus on their core competencies and work on improving their market competitiveness.

Value addition is an ongoing responsibility and not a one-time job. It needs continuous maintenance and third-party logistics services (such as OSV) are working towards extending VAS as well as other traditional services they offer.

Value added services in warehouse, transportation, and packaging processes can provide your company with a competitive advantage in the market by helping you stand out from the rest. OSV offers a comprehensive range of services that can add value to your business and brand.

OSV’s VAS for the Supply Chain & Logistics of Businesses

Futuristic organizations utilize their supply chain to gain market share and beat their competition. Investing a lot of time and resources to keep the supply chain up and running is common across the logistics industry. Visionary entrepreneurs focus on ensuring that their supply chain is excellent as it is the most critical need for staying ahead of the competition. Logistics value added services are equally important for customers as well as management. Some of the key reasons why VAS is so important for the supply chain and logistics include:

  • Increased completion and price pressure
  • Outsourcing of supply chain
  • Shortened and highly complex product lifecycles

Benefits of VAS for Businesses

  • Flexibility in space, equipment and labor
  • Quality, precision, and accuracy
  • Ease of integration
  • Simplified warehousing, transport and VAS
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

As all businesses revolve around customers, you would surely want your customers to be happy with your offerings. This is why value added services in warehouse, logistics, packaging, and transport are highly recommended. Talk to our experts to learn more about VAS.

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