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free trade and warehousing zones in IndiaImporting or exporting goods is a task full of challenges – from packaging to ensuring quality, keeping them intact during transit, and more. While a lot of businesses find import-export a painstaking job, they are also concerned about the liabilities that are a part and parcel of import-export trade.

Taxes, customs duties, and other fees add to the stress of merchants involved in the import and export to India or any other country as a matter of fact. This is when you can benefit from using the free trade and warehousing zones in India like those offered by OSV – India’s top-rated, highly sought-after free trade warehousing zone and third-party logistics (3PL) services provider.

What makes OSV’s free trade warehousing zone in India a preferred FTWZ and 3PL service provider in the country is their world-class infrastructure coupled with outstanding client support and quality assurance. All the FTWZs by OSV are equipped with ultra-modern and advanced systems to help you store and manage your goods in true state-of-the-art infrastructure, hygienic, temperature and cold storage controlled, and fully secure warehousing units.

Merchants can benefit from these free trade warehousing zones in India and save not only on duty but on hassle, stress, and time involved in keeping the goods safe and secure over the large tenure of 3 years. Other than storing goods, activities that are permitted inside these free trade warehousing zones include packaging, repackaging, packing, kitting, strapping, re-invoicing, sorting, etc.

OSV’s free trade and warehousing zones in India are acknowledged by developed nations such as USA, Japan, China, Singapore, Dubai, Switzerland, and others. The FTWZs are strategically located across the top cities of India such as Delhi NCR, Chennai, Mumbai, and Gujarat.

No Need to Pay Customs Duty Upfront ✔

Aside from world-class facilities and best pricing, duty deferment is a big reason why so many importers and foreign suppliers choose OSV’s free trade warehousing zones in India for purposes such as – Product on Lease, Contract Manufacturing, Distribution, Export Consolidation, Merchant Trading, and Temporary Importation to name a few.

Duty deferment implies that you do not have to pay any customs duties and taxes upfront when you choose to store your imported goods (finished or raw) inside the free trade warehousing zones. Rather, the taxes and fees come into effect only when you choose to move the consignment out of the storage facility and sell it in the local market for DTA Sales.

This way you can ensure bigger savings as long as your goods are securely stored inside these FTWZs. Another best part is that you are not liable to pay any customs duty if you choose to re-export your cargo directly from the free trade warehousing zones in India to any other country.

What else would you wish for???

To learn more about the countless other benefits associated with using our FTWZs in India, please feel free to call us and speak to our FTZ experts.

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