Export Chemicals to India: A Step-by-Step Guide for Success

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Chemical industry spans a large amount of commercial products. More than 80,000 products come under the category, further subdivided into different segments including petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, agrochemicals, polymers, bulk chemicals, and fertilizers. The chemicals industry in India is said to reach a staggering $300 billion value by the year 2026. Almost 70% of the country’s chemical production is used for domestic consumption.

Chemicals That Are Imported Into India 

India is known to import many kinds of chemicals such as specialty chemicals and petrochemicals depending on the requirements of the Indian industries. 

Some of the Chemical Export to India Include the Following: 

  • Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanato – It is not produced in the country and therefore imported. Used for creating polyurethane, this chemical is obtained mainly by the plastic industry sector. 
  • Cyclic Hydrocarbons – This chemical is used for fuel and electricity generation. It is an important chemical that is imported on a regular basis. 
  • Acyclic Alcohols – It is an organic chemical and one of the most frequently imported compounds in India.
  • Caustic Soda – This chemical has multiple uses in several industries such as food, cosmetics, and water. 
  • Liquid Chlorine – This is a widely used chemical put to use in many industries including pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries. 

Foreign Companies With Investment Plans 

Foreign companies seeking to export chemicals to India are often hesitant about the export charges. With the rising economic growth of the country, there is also a significant boom in the chemical industry. There is a noticeable increase in the import/export chemical businesses. Chemicals are used extensively in numerous industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, the automobile sector, construction, the paint industry, and so on.  

Businesses that  export chemicals to India are primarily classified into two categories, namely; organic and inorganic chemical imports. The FTWZ or free trade warehousing zones play a crucial role in helping businesses related to the import and export of chemicals both to and from India. Companies sending chemical exports to India can ship chemicals to these free warehouses and get their stock of chemical products cleared whenever they wish. FTWZs are the best logistics platform for speedy clearances and reduced downtime. 

If you want a safer channel to export chemicals to India with zero risks and hurdles, connecting with logistics service providers is the easiest way to move forward. You can check out foreign free trade zones offered by OSV, a leading FTWZ provider and logistics firm in India. Their FTWZs can be traced all across the country, in Gujarat, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, and more. 

Special Economic Zone 

All free trade warehousing zones fall under SEZ or the special economic zone. There are some important rules and regulations to be followed by businesses as per SEZ guidelines.

Note The Highlighting Points of SEZ

  • Creating additional activities for India’s economic growth 
  • Promoting the export/import business of goods and services 
  • Encouraging investment opportunities from both domestic and foreign shores 
  • Creating more employment opportunities for people 
  • Developing superior-quality infrastructural units 
  • Maintaining the sovereignty and moral ethics of the country

Most business owners and merchants know the fact that these free trade zones can offer the most trusted channel for the import and export of chemicals in India

The Advantages for FTWZ Associated Businesses Involved in Chemical Export to India include: 

  • No duty obligations need to be fulfilled by the businesses using FTWZ units 
  • Exporters can store chemical goods in the zones and even re-export them minus any duty charges 
  • The merchants can also procure goods or services from the local market that are free or exempt from excise duty fees. 
  • All inventory exports are tax-free 
  • Round-the-clock customs clearance provision for chemical export goods  
  • Businessmen can pay for the storage facilities in any kind of currency 
  • Infrastructure design of international standards 
  • Superior, comfortable, and expansive storage facilities 
  • Fully safe and trouble-free storage solutions for import/export of chemicals 

Import/Export Trade Cannot Functions Without the Support of FTWZs

According to a study made by a foreign trade analyst firm, FTWZs are instrumental in providing various benefits for business owners handling retail chains, manufacturing goods, and conducting international trading. The free storage zones are under no regulatory constraints and offer affordable solutions for amalgamating products from varied suppliers within the Asian border. Foreign traders can successfully store and distribute their goods to incur lower costs and swiftly pay suppliers.

For many industries, the free trade warehousing zones permit 100% duty-free storage of spare parts for smooth, fast, and less lead-time supply to anywhere in India. Stored spares can also be tested before supplying to other companies. In this way, all the surplus spares and defective parts can be re-exported without any duty charges or incurring major financial loss. 

Chemical export traders to India from different parts of the world can take advantage of these free zones by procuring and storing their raw materials and other products as per the requirements of the Indian industries. FTWZ can facilitate cost-effective trade operations to attract foreign multinational companies and traders. 

Companies Interested in Operating Through FTWZs in India 

Free trade warehousing zones in India are competitive, offering exclusive and premium quality warehousing facilities. From accelerated customs clearance passes to providing high-end technological fixes, modern-day FTWZs want the best for their clients and customers. This includes providing inland container depots, yards, commercial spaces, and more. Businesses wishing to export chemicals to India via FTWZs can be immensely benefited. 

Some of the few businesses that can use an FTWZ facility to their advantage are: 

  • International or foreign traders who desire to keep buyer/seller information private or confidential. 
  • Importers of bulk materials including cosmetics, medicine, polymers, chemicals, machine spares, fabrics, hangers, white goods, electronic goods, electric products, packaged foods, and many more. 
  • Foreign merchants wanting to buy Indian goods that are kept for export purposes 
  • Foreign multinationals wanting to target Indian customers and looking for ways to tap the Indian market 
  • These organizations wanting to create an international transit warehouse for Indian as well as overseas market 
  • Their businesses wishing to compete with Indian suppliers 
  • Contract manufacturing units wanting to do contract manufacturing in India 
  • Indian companies sourcing goods from two or more suppliers in India 

FTWZ is a trusted platform that connects India with the world in terms of chemical import/export business. The success of chemical import/export in India throws light on the chemical industry’s worldwide reach and value chain. 

Grow With OSV Free Trade Warehousing Zones 

Chemical industry has shown substantial growth over the years. It is a dynamic sector showcasing enormous growth potential. Chemical exports to India can reach new heights with the active support of OSV FTWZ, which offers customized services built specifically to optimize and channelize import and export operations for numerous chemical businesses. 

Foreign chemical business investors can enhance their chemical imports with OSV FTWZs. For seamless and innovative solutions handpicked for the chemical industry, team OSV can guarantee 24/7 FTWZ guidance. The dynamic chemical industry along with FTWZ can restructure chemical export potential to scale new heights of success. 

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