Free Trade Port Zone in India

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free trade port zone in India

Leverage our logistics, warehousing, transportation services and trade platforms such as OSV free trade port in India, to provide your business with a competitive edge. Free ports, as is evident from the name itself, are free from the restrictions, laws, and duties imposed by the territories of any country.

We are delighted to inform all our existing and potential customers that our free zone ports are amongst the top-notch commercial gateways today that offer businesses an opportunity to transport, transact, and manage goods without having to worry about the import-export related laws of the land.

What Does It Mean by Free Zone Port?

When we say these are our free ports, we mean you can bring your commodity from any country to India and store for a period of 5 years with minimum Indian Compliances. Now the twist in this tale is that while you keep your goods in our free zone ports, you don’t have to pay any customs duties, fees, and other charges that are otherwise a part of importing goods in India.

Enjoy the benefits of duty deferment (as you pay the customs clearance fees only when you finally decide to move these goods inside the country’s market for selling), catalyzing customs clearances, and even 100% tax, fees elimination in several cases.

Look no further, OSV Free Zone Port is your one stop solution for all the supply chain needs!

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