Free Trade Zone Warehouse and the Business Advantages with OSV FTWZ India

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free trade zone in indiaThe development of the free trade zone warehouse in India has helped to take a significant step forward in the encouragement and development of international trade in India. If you are an exporter to India this blog can let you know about the huge advantages that you can avail yourself of. With a free trade zone warehouse in India at several locations, OSV FTWZ India proves to be one of the leading companies for logistics & Supply Chain operations.

At present we are active in various companies around the world and many of our clients are Pharmaceutical Giants and Fortune 500 companies; they are engaged in both export to India as a supplier and imports in India as an importer on various levels. We have a prominent name among pharma logistics companies in India as we provide carefully planned and strategized services to our clients.

Advantages of the Free Trade Zone

The free trade zone warehouse is an initiative approved by the government of India to store and trade the commodities with the least compliance of the country. Here companies from all over the world can avail special business and commercial benefits as prescribed by the Indian government in various spheres of business.

Tax and duties come under several beneficial schemes and enable ease of operations for global companies. If you are a pharmaceutical company making a foray into the Indian market, OSV FTWZ can extend services for your ease of business.

Besides being a leading name among pharma logistics companies in India, we offer complete representation for our client companies in the free trade zone.

We Make Business Easy

  • Our free trade zone warehouse is a complete facility with the state-of-the-art infrastructure for temperature control and cold storage of all kinds of medicines, pharmaceutical items, cosmetics, raw materials, etc
  • We also assure and guarantee timely shipments and deliveries to every location within our framework and no shipment will stop before the final deliveries are completed
  • We have a qualified team of professionals across various locations of our free trade zone warehouse who are well versed in the laws of customs and excise duties. We can give you all the necessary information and cater to availing of your exemptions.
  • Even as one of the best pharma logistics companies in India we offer services like 5PL, Freight Forwarding, and other ancillary services. From negotiations to calculation, filing paperwork, and all your customs operations we are a one-stop solution company for you
  • We rank among the best pharma logistics companies in India because we support and aid every aspect of operations for pharma companies. We are here for all the supply and distribution of raw materials and even machinery and equipment that are needed for the manufacturing process

As part of the popular pharma logistics companies in India, we are aware of our responsibilities towards client companies. We bring forth our commitment to provide the bridge you need across the length and breadth of India along with our modern facilities at the free trade zone warehouse located all over the country.

Please contact us for all information and support-based solutions.

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