Free Trade Zone Warehouses – Export and Re-Export Benefits

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Free Trade Zone WarehousesLet’s just start off by saying that free trade zone warehouses are known for providing immense benefits in multiple operations to all kinds of industries. That’s why there is growing popularity of such ftwz in India, especially covering the Delhi and Mumbai zones. If you have your business up and running and actually looking for one such warehouse for help, we, at OnnSynex Ventures Pvt. Ltd., are tempted to help you out big time.

The Export Benefits to Follow:

Before you proceed further and get your hands on our foreign trade zone in India, we would like to share some benefits revolving around the export world over here.

  • All the products from India, which are entering the FTWZ, are mostly treated as export, which in turn, will offer extreme benefits to the suppliers over here.
  • There are going to be some local tax exemptions as part of the free trade zone on all the activities, such as packaging materials for VoS, as carried inside the trade zone, and more.
  • You get the chance to increase your current supply chain efficiencies and also enhance the present capital cash flow.
  • You get to improve the final capability of the foreign exchange transactions with the help of our ftwz in India, right now.
  • Furthermore, we provide you with the opportunity to increase the level of efficiency through some lowered reverse logistics through proper quality control, before dispatch from India.
  • Get the chance to comply with export quotas of various categories from our foreign trade zone in India. All the supplies into FTWZ will gladly be treated as deemed exports.

For the Re-Exports:

Much like the beneficial aspects of exports, there are some points to note down when it comes to re-exports over here. So, let’s get focus on these points now for better coverage.

  • You get the chance to leverage India’s costs, geographical positioning, and skill advantages as one hub for global or regional distribution post value optimizing services through our free trade zone warehouses.
  • Furthermore, with us by your side, you get to enjoy a hassle-free re-export process, which is your main target to fulfill.
  • Furthermore, you will receive a service tax exemption on all the major activities, which are conducted inside the foreign trade zone in India. It will further include labor and rental values as well!

With OnnSynex Ventures Pvt. Ltd. by your side, you will receive unparalleled advantages for covering all your logistics operations easily. The best part is that our pay scale is towards the affordable section.

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