FTZ Warehouse In India – The Benefits Waiting For You

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ftwz warehouse in indiaThe FTZ Warehouse In India or the Free Trade Warehousing Zone is stated to be a specialized category of the special economic zone. If you want, you can opt for the stand-alone FTWZ or can lean towards the demarcated area within sector-based or multi-product specific SEZ.

Most of the time, the free zone warehouse is targeted to be a foreign territory with special benefits and status given to it. If you want to know more about these warehouses and the features they are involved in, we would love you to join us at OnnSynex Ventures Pvt. Ltd. and get quality help as and when asked for.
Reasons to choose FTWZ:

There are some reasons to go for the free trade warehouse in India, especially from our side. Once you are aware of the features involved, you will come to terms with the growing popularity of FTZ Warehouse In India these days.

  • The warehouses are here to present you with offers, which are similar to the free trade zones operations globally.
  • On the other hand, the free zone warehouse can be perfectly designed to encourage foreign trade and warehousing activities not just for the Indian entities but also for the overseas category as well.
  • Here, you get the chance to enjoy integrated platform services sourcing and distribution of the management. It will include trading in and outside of India. So, the main goal is to reduce the operational costs, mainly without thinking about your own setup.
  • The warehouse in India from our side will remain within close proximity to the international gateways for the direct deliveries from the port and airport, which in turn will reduce cargo holding time.
  • With the help of free trade warehouses, you get the ability to move your shipments from all the international gateways to the FTZ Warehouse In India without even focusing on any custom assessment.
  • Our free zone warehouses are designed to work in a freely convertible currency model. So, the payment of services can be in FOREX as well!
  • Well, another interesting fact about free zone warehouse is that it offers taxation benefits. Some of those examples are interesting on duty, exemptions on GST or custom, and licensing and then compliance of the allied acts, while all the goods remain within FTWZ.

The import benefits that follow:

There are some importing benefits revolving around FTWZ. Learning about those points beforehand will help you big time.

  • Enjoy flexibility towards the end distribution in India
  • Get hold of some duty deferment benefits
  • Quality control capability is available before duty payment
  • There are going to be hassle-free re-exports when it comes to regulatory or duty implications.
  • Free to do Value-added services- like Re-packing, Re-labelling, Kitting, Consolidation, De-consolidation, etc.

So, the next time you are making plans to come and get the help of a warehouse in India from us at OnnSynex Ventures Pvt. Ltd., give us a call at our official number at +91 – 9599886350 and we will head back to you ASAP!

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