Most Common Logistics Challenges of the Pharma Supply Chain in India

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Pharma Supply Chain in IndiaIndia has been one of the world’s fastest-growing pharmaceutical markets in the recent decade. India’s vaccine, bio pharmaceutical, and clinical trial sectors are expected to grow by double digits by 2021. The pandemic uncovered several flaws in the pharma supply chain in India, which aided the counterfeiting of Covid-19 vaccines and drugs. It shows the opportunity for potential growth for the pharma business in India.

Pharma supply chain in India is a major exporter of pharmaceuticals. According to statistics, India exports 55 billion dollars’ worth of pharmaceutical items. The United States imports 26% of pharma items from India, whereas the European Union imports 40%. A strong Pharma supply chain in India is needed for these operations.

Advantage of OSV like Pharma Logistics Companies in India for Your Solution

  • OSV is one of the best pharma supply chains in India among the pharma logistics companies in India that works as a comprehensive logistic solution provider in India. For temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical & life science goods, OSV design and develop unique solutions.
  • Many drugs, vaccines, and bio pharmaceuticals, as well as scientific trial components, are heat and humidity sensitive and must be kept at temperatures range. For refrigerated samples that require a continuous temperature of between 2° and 8° C for up to 96 hours, a unique packing method Pack is used.
  • When it comes to the storage, processing, and delivery of medicines and medical supplies, OSV is one of the most reliable pharma logistics companies in India.
  • Drug-licensed acceptable facilities for storage pharma logistics companies in India and other healthcare items have been granted to us. OSV has also been recognized as having FSSAI approved food warehouses.
  • Pharma logistics companies in India may face many issues as a result of this method during the process of transportation –

    1. Coordination Issues

    In certain cases, the pharma logistics companies in India have the main issue of lack of cooperation. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of coordination. People are always in need of medications or drugs of some type, and if logistics businesses aren’t well-coordinated, clients may be forced to settle for less expensive or even counterfeit options. Patients who need their drugs may be harmed by counterfeit medications.

    2. Management of the Warehouse

    Over the past ten years, the worldwide pharmaceutical industry has nearly doubled, resulting in increased sales volume and penetration in growing countries throughout the world. As a result, the importance of warehouse management cannot be overstated.

    This process requires a heavy dependence on logistical services by the pharma logistics companies in India. A need has become even more genuine as markets have become more attractive, supply chains have been more visible, and costs have decreased.

    3. Temperature Regulation

    Almost all pharmaceutical items must be kept at a certain temperature throughout transportation from the place of origin to point of delivery. The goal of temperature control is to ensure that the medications are beneficial to the people who are taking them. If the temperature at which pharmaceutical items are stored is improper, they might degrade. This is why, like OSV pharma logistic company in India, many logistics organizations must provide temperature-controlled freight solutions.

    We are well aware of these problems and that is why we are able to provide a full-proof solution to our clients. You can get rid of those problems too. All you have to do is just contact us.

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