Onnsynex at ChemExpo India 2024: Connecting India to the World

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OSV, a renowned player in international logistics, is gearing up to participate in ChemExpo India 2024, scheduled to take place from April 24-25, 2024, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. This event serves as a comprehensive showcase of Indian capabilities in the chemical industry, encompassing bulk, fine, and specialty chemicals from both Indian and international exhibitors.

ChemExpo India 2024 is not just an exhibition but a platform that connects India’s chemical prowess to the global stage. Co-located events within ChemExpo India highlight the capabilities in plant machinery & equipment and chemical logistics, emphasizing the integrated nature of the chemical industry’s value chain.

The previous edition of ChemExpo India witnessed an overwhelming response with over 335 exhibitors and more than 22,000 attendees, showcasing the significance and reach of this premier industry event.

Navigating India’s Thriving Chemical Export Landscape

India’s chemical industry continues to demonstrate remarkable growth, with exports surpassing US$ 8.24 billion in the fiscal year 2022-23. OSV FTWZ recognizes the immense potential within this dynamic sector and offers specialized services designed to optimize the import and export processes for chemical businesses participating in ChemExpo India.

Enabling Seamless Chemical Logistics

Onnsynex Ventures, a key player in international logistics, is committed to facilitating seamless chemical logistics for exhibitors and stakeholders at ChemExpo India 2024. With its expertise in managing supply chains for bulk, fine, and specialty chemicals, including inorganic and organic chemicals, agrochemicals, plastics, synthetic rubber, cosmetics, and industrial chemicals like Soda Ash and Caustic Soda.  Onnsynex stands poised to showcase its capabilities in ensuring efficient transportation, warehousing, and distribution of chemical products across borders.

Connecting Exhibitors to Global Markets

Participating in ChemExpo India allows Onnsynex to connect exhibitors to global markets by offering tailored logistics solutions. OSV’s presence underscores its commitment to enabling international trade and fostering collaborations between Indian and international chemical companies.

Additionally, this opportunity also offers Onnsynex to showcase its service benefits to some of the biggest names in the chemical industry. From operational efficiency through a Pay-as-you-go model and trade confidentiality measures to expert compliance support that navigates complex customs and regulatory requirements, OSV FTWZ streamlines logistical processes. The company’s strategic warehousing solutions also enable duty optimization, minimizing tax and duty costs while enhancing cost-effectiveness. 

Moreover, Onnsynex ensures secure storage and handling of chemical goods, providing temperature-controlled environments and advanced security measures to safeguard cargo integrity throughout the supply chain. With a focus on advanced inventory management and value-added services like labeling and quality control, OSV FTWZ upholds industry standards and enhances overall quality assurance for chemical products.

Co-located Events: Enhancing Industry Synergies

ChemExpo India 2024 is co-located with ChemProTech India, focusing on chemical process technologies, equipment, and supplies, and ChemLogistics India, emphasizing chemical warehousing, transport, and logistics. This integrated approach fosters synergies across the chemical industry’s ecosystem, enabling participants to explore comprehensive solutions and innovations.

Boost Your Chemical Imports with Onnsynex

OSV invites participants and stakeholders to join them at ChemExpo India 2024 to explore cutting-edge logistics solutions tailored for the chemical industry. Engage with OSV’s team of experts to discover how international logistics can drive growth and efficiency in the dynamic chemical sector.

Connect with OSV at the ChemExpo India 2024

As ChemExpo India 2024 approaches, OSV FTWZ invites businesses to explore how its specialized logistics solutions can transform their chemical supply chains and propel them towards global success. By partnering with Onnsynex Ventures, chemical businesses can unlock the full potential of India’s thriving chemical export market and expand their global footprint with confidence and efficiency

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