OSV Free Trade Zone Warehousing – Optimizing your supply chain in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, and Gujarat

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Free Trade Zone WarehousingAs a coveted FTZ warehouse and third-party logistics (3PL) services provider in India, OSV strives to ensure all our valued clients get the maximum advantage of free trade zones for their business. Through our Free Trade Warehousing Zone in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, and Gujarat, we encourage Indian and foreign traders for foreign trade and warehousing in India.

Our FTZ in India offers an integrated platform for distribution, consolidation, and sourcing of cargo (import/export to/from India) thereby minimizing operational costs. Whether it is our FTWZ in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Gujarat, or elsewhere, any of our locations isn’t far away from the international gateways for deliveries from airports/ports which further helps reduce cargo-holding time.

When you use OSV’s Free Trade Zone warehouses, you are allowed to move your consignment from international gateways to our FTZs without having to pay customs duties upfront. We are flexible enough when it comes to using different currencies for making payments in exchange for our FTZ services. We accept FOREX, which means you don’t need to bear the pain and hassle of currency exchange to avail our FTWZ services in India.

OSV offers taxation benefits to merchants such as customs duties deferment, GST exemption, No interest on duty, License-free Import, and easy compliance with FTWZ acts.

Services at OSV FTZ in India

Using OSV’s FTZ warehouses for importing/exporting saves you from multiple taxes and payments as well as the hassles and stresses involved in maintaining the safety and quality (through hygiene and temperature control) of goods that are stored in the warehouses.

Other than FTZ, services you can expect from OSV includes –

1. International Logistics – When the flow of goods and products crosses an international border, the planning and management process is known as international logistics.

With a presence in over 192 countries and 7000+ Channel Partners, OSV is the preferred choice for many fortune 500 companies for their international freight forwarding and logistics.

2. Customs Clearance – It is a necessary procedure before goods can be imported or exported internationally. It is a simpler process when a customs broker is involved and an even simpler process when a customs house agent is involved.


And we are proud to have a team of in-house custom house agents for a rapid customs clearance process.

3. 3PL – A 3PL (third-party logistics) provider offers outsourced logistics services, which encompass anything that involves management of one or more facets of procurement and fulfillment activities

By providing the services of packaging, warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution, OSV is the leading 3PL player in the industry, especially for industries like Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Luxury Goods, Defence & Space, and FMCG

Benefits of OSV’s Free Trade Zones for Imports, Exports, and Re-exports
For Importers:

  • Unlimited flexibility towards end-distribution in India
  • Quality control before Duty Payment
  • Customs Duties Deferment and GST Exemption
  • Minimized Buffer Stock
  • VAS services such as re-packing, re-labeling, kitting, etc could be done

For Exporters:

  • Increased efficiency through lowered reverse logistics
  • Customs Duties Deferment and GST Exemption
  • Deemed to be foreign territory, Suppliers get Export Benefits
  • FOREX capabilities
  • VAS services such as re-packing, re-labeling, kitting, etc could be done

For Re-Exporters:

  • FOREX capabilities
  • Customs Duties Deferment and GST Exemption
  • Duty-Free Zone to Zone Transfer
  • Increased Supply Chain Efficiencies (Forwards & Reverse)
  • Ability to leverage India’s cost, skill & geography
  • VAS services such as re-packing, re-labeling, kitting, etc could be done

To avail of these and other benefits of the free trade zone in Delhi NCR, Chennai, Mumbai, and Gujarat, please feel free to contact us.

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