OSV is a distinguished brand which is a part of over a 50 years old Conglomerate having businesses across diverse industries such as – Logistics, 5PL, International freight, Customs clearance, Hospitality, Real estate, Infrastructure, and Free Trade Warehousing Zones (FTWZs) in India and Canada; Our team has garnered a reputation for unparalleled troubleshooting capabilities, innovative solutions, and exceptional service standards.

At OSV, we are committed to constantly enhancing our processes and delivering greater value to our customers which has ever since inception helped us grow and prosper. Our Group Management Philosophy, comprising our mission, vision, and values, is the foundation that guides our global team in every aspect of our business operations.


Empowering international trade: Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art Free Trade Warehousing Zones that enables businesses to easily import, export, and store their goods. We strive to create a seamless experience for our clients, helping them expand their global reach and grow their businesses and to start with, making it simpler for them to do business with and in India


Fostering a culture of excellence: Our vision is to foster a culture of excellence in everything we do, from the quality of our facilities to the level of customer service we provide. We believe that by setting high standards and striving for excellence, we can create value for our clients and help them succeed.


Customer Focus, integrity, innovation, excellence, sustainability, reliability, accountability, safety, community

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import duty free goods in india

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import duty free goods in india

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Import services in India

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Free trade warehousing zone


Import services in India


Import services in India


import duty free goods in india



Onnsynex Ventures Private Limited FTWZ, Plot # 23,
Phase 2, Sector 83 Gautam Buddh Nagar, Noida, 201305

FTWZs are designed to facilitate international trade and provide infrastructure for warehousing, storage, and distribution of goods. These zones are intended to boost exports and attract foreign investment by offering various incentives and a business-friendly environment. FTWZs often allow value addition activities such as packaging, labelling, and assembly. This can encourage manufacturing and processing activities, adding value to the goods traded through the zone.

The presence of an FTWZ in Delhi can contribute to the diversification of trade activities, allowing businesses to explore new markets and opportunities. This can also make the region more attractive to foreign investors, potentially leading to increased funding and collaboration opportunities for OSV ventures. FTWZs often offer a streamlined administrative process with a single window clearance system. This can simplify the regulatory processes for OSV ventures.

Delhi’s geographical location makes it a strategic hub for businesses looking to access markets in India, as well as neighbouring countries in South Asia and the Middle East. Being a major business hub, Delhi provides ample networking opportunities through industry events, conferences, and business associations, facilitating collaboration and partnerships.








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Free Trade Warehousing Zone

The FTWZ Concept

Free Trade Warehousing is a commonly known international concept formulated to promote global trade practices and enhance trade volumes and relationships between nations & offer liberal benefits and convenience to its International trade economy.

In India, OSV FTWZs has taken it a step further by not just offering benefits of duty deferment, tax benefits, Just in time (JIT) Deliveries, cost efficiency, and better distribution channels; it has also, in addition, helped foreign companies to expand their audience to and in the Indian market without having to set up a separate company/entity and without having to bear the burden to Indian compliances and taxes. It also empowers to re-export and trade goods via India without levying Indian duties and taxes which otherwise would have applied if they were directly brought to India. In addition, clients can also choose to opt for value-added services such as repackaging, relabelling, kitting, combining, testing, demonstrating, etc. at OSV FTWZs

OSV FTWZs are strategic to offer a time-and-cost advantage by enabling quicker regulatory clearances, tax and duty incentives, flexibility, visibility, and reduced working capital expenses. It also lets you leverage India’s cost and skill arbitrage and empowers you with its strategic geographical position.

FTWZ - An Overview

Import services in India

Duty Free

The scheme envisages duty free import of all permissible goods for warehousing

3pl logistics warehouse company

Pay Duties Only When Sold In DTA!

The warehoused Goods can be sold to DTA and the Duty applies only upon clearance and that too on desired quantities only

3pl logistics warehouse company

Tax And Operational Benefits Entities!

Accessibility to operate in India without any licensing and creating any Tax Liabilities in India

Import services in India

Tenure Of

The non duty paid goods are permissible for storage up to THREE years without any Duties, Interests or Taxes

import duty free goods in india

Secured Confidentiality & Added Value!

Packing or re-packing with processing and labelling can be done on Non-custom duty paid goods as per customer’s business model or marketing requirements

import duty free goods in india

Now In

An internationally accepted and appreciated facility now available at a prime locations in India additionally offering its cost, labour, geographic and skill advantages

import duty free goods in india

International Infrastructure!

The facility offers a state of the art infrastructure for its clients to vouch for with an amazing range of benefits

machinery import in india

Consolidation Deconsolidation Hub!

Can be treated as a consolidation centre for trader exporters to bring in goods from multiple vendors and countries and also gain logistics and Tax benefits or to de-consolidate imports and release partially

OSV Free Trade Warehousing

Infrastructural Highlights

  Fully Automated Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

 Client Dashboard (Insights of Shipments and Stored Materials with Stock & Monthly Reporting System)

 Online Order Creation Offering Convenience For International Clients to Place Orders at all times Eliminating Time Zone Differences and as per Specialized Requirements Such as Lifo, Fifo, Expiry Date etc.

 Three Tier Security System

 High Definition Cameras (24×7 Surveillance)

 Dust & Fire-Resistant Storage Facility

 Modern Racking Systems as per International Standards

 Completely Seismic Compliant Structure & Design

 Man-Up Cranes and Wire Guided Material Handling Equipment eliminating any chance of mishandling

 In-house barcoding & inventory management system for easy retrieval & faster through put

 Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

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The safety and well-being of people of OSV, the sustainable and proper management of the environments in which we operate and making the communities where we live and work better places to do both, these are the three pillars of OSV’s corporate social responsibility.

Not only do they help us to be better people, but they also help us achieve our mission of excellence in global logistics.

The logistics sector is a major consumer of energy, a provider of employment and a key partner for industrial manufacturer and global trade. As such, it stands at a crossroad of economic, environmental and societal challenges. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is at the core of OSV’s strategy. It is expressed is our corporate company plan and is part of our day to day operations.

Work @ OSV

We at OSV, firmly believe that only mutually beneficial relationships flourish and lead to real success. Hence we focus strongly on ensuring that our employees gain enough benefits for the commitment they invest at OSV. Hence the bright performers at OSV experience swift career growths, taking on higher responsibilities across the organizational domains.

The performance evaluation mechanisms are transparent, thus allowing each member to assess strengths and areas of improvements. At the same time, the diverse nature of services extended by us help our team members pick up valuable experience of working across businesses, and thus emerge as much enhanced professionals.

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