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Paper Importer in IndiaAre you a paper importer in India and looking for ways to escape the various taxes, customs duties, and fees associated with the import and/or export of paper? OSV’s free trade zones (FTZs) are located strategically across international airports, dry ports, and seaports to offer easy access by road and rail. It encourages the import, export, and re-export process with no or minimum dependency on Indian Compliances and deferment of duty on your paper import in India.

Some of the reasons why OSV is the best choice for paper importers in India is that their warehousing and storage solutions include reduced risks, improved flow of cash, value-added services, etc. Our import/export/customs experts bring along several years of experience and extensive knowledge of FTZ operations pertaining to the import, storage, and warehousing of paper from anywhere in the world to India.

From warehouses to 3PL and in-services facilities, you can benefit immensely from the greatest flexibility for end distribution via OSV Free Trade Warehousing Zones. We are here to help you avail the many benefits of FTZs such as duty deferment, minimized buffer stocks, enhanced inventory visibility, a just-in-time (JIT) concept, and overall reduced product costs and more.

You’ll also enjoy easy and duty-free re-export to other countries as well. OSV offers end-to-end paper warehousing, logistics, and other services. We assure you get extra value through an improved cash flow, increased savings, reduced compliance risk, and enhanced supply-chain velocity for goods’ re-exported. If required, you can ask for customized FTZ services including labeling, kitting, packing, custom crating, sorting, light production, etc.

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