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Cargo consolidation is a fairly simple concept on the whole. It’s when cargo from one or multiple shippers is combined into one shipping consignment. It means shippers get to pay bulk rates, since they’re shipping cargo all at the same time instead of sending a lot of smaller shipments separately.

We Combine the shipments allows carriers to move product from smaller-sized shipments to the next larger-load type, like consolidating small packages into LTL shipments and LTL shipments into full truckloads (FTs), reducing the cost to Ship/Air freight.

Consolidation process increases:

  • Efficiency: Consolidated shipping makes sense to both shippers and airlines, as it is more cost-effective to fly a plane with a full cargo load than to fly one with only a partial load.
  • Cost Benefit: whether it is by AIR/SEA freight consolidation is more effective than charter services, it is also less expensive. A freight forwarder may be able to take advantage of old lower transport costs among the top carriers by consolidating freight into full truckloads, as well as combining small package freight into LTL shipments. Ultimately, a higher volume of freight tends to ship at a lower cost. In other words, shippers gain the ability to leverage the buying power of other shippers to tap into lower rates offered by carriers.
  • Faster Movement of Cargo: While more expensive than sharing a shipping container on a cargo ship, cargo consolidation is also substantially faster than shipping your goods by ocean. If you need to have a relatively quick turnaround from the time you place an order to the time your shipment arrives at its destination, you should opt to transport your cargo by air.
  • Boost Proficiency and Efficiency in Freight Consolidation and Freight Deconsolidation OSV.
  • We as consolidator & freight forwarders, in the digital age thru innovative ideas using our specialised skills raise the proficiency and efficiency in both international and domestic shipping by providing end to end solution even complex assignments .
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