Export Cosmetics to India

Export Cosmetics to India with OSV

The increasing growth of the Indian consumer market encourages exporting to India. A large number of foreign MNC’s are showing their interest in Exporting to India. Want to Export Cosmetics to India in a smart way? OSV FTZ’s can handle the import/export of cosmetic items on behalf of you.

OSV is a reputed and trusted company that provides a Smart Logistics, Duty-Free Warehousing in India for foreign MNC’s. The concept of our FTWZ is specially framed to promote global trade practices and improve trade volumes and relationships between nations & to offer liberal benefits and convenience to its International trade economy. The foreign MNC’s can Export Cosmetics to India as leaders do at low cost and zero commitments.

Export Cosmetics to India with OSV?

Cosmetic products are envisioned to be applied to the human body or any part for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance and include any article intended for use as a component of cosmetics. Export Cosmetics to India needs to be regulated to ensure the quality and safety of cosmetics being imported in India and the safety of consumers using these cosmetics.

In order to access all the benefits and save time, you must find out the safest, most efficient and affordable way to ship your products. In that case, OSV is your one-stop supply chain solution. We offer an exceptional and comprehensive range of services regarding Export Cosmetics to India.

At OSV FTZ’s, we deal with both air and sea cargo. Our experienced and expert staff will assist you in finding the route & ideal port for your load, Custom Clearance, Cost, and Time optimization as well as assist in government licensing and registration. We have our fully customized free trade warehousing zones in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Gujarat, and Chennai to meet your exact needs and offer a seamless end to end transport and storage.

OSV is an ISO, IAF, OHSAS certified logistic and supply chain firm in India. Our services are indisputable and the best parts of the success of your company. We ensure well-organized, accurate export of your products to India and in the same condition as they left. As a reliable 3PL provider, we have the best resources to ensure consistent deliveries.

Our FTWZ will enables you to import, export to & from India and you can take advantage of duty deferment, tax benefits, cost efficiency, and better distribution channels in that way. There are many value-added benefits for the customers like repackaging, relabeling, kitting, assembling so on and so forth. We offer information and guidance that can support foreign MNC’s to decrease the time, cost, and risk-free Export Cosmetics to India.

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