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Stress-free and Effective Export Electronics to India

If you are exporting Electronics to India, then do it in a smart way. Make sure you are getting all the benefits from your 3PL service provider. Want to Export electronics to India? Searching for the best third-party logistic solution to easily exporting and importing electronics products? Do you want to take advantage of the value-added services? You are in the right place. OSV FTZ is the pioneer and IAF, ISO, OHSAS certified company offering smart logistic solutions and supply chain services.

India is one of the largest importers and exporters of electronic products across the globe and a large number of foreign MNC’s are trading in India. The companies are into semiconductor manufacturing, digital household appliances, computers and peripherals, laptops, smartphones, and a wide spectrum of liquid crystal products, which can take the advantage of our international standard logistic solutions.

OSV has the top-class, smart third-party logistics and warehousing operations across India with shared infrastructure and resources. Export electronics to India! OSV aims at meeting the exact requirement of each of our valued global customers. We concern about our client’s needs and offer customized solutions that make our expert team stand out from the crowd. And our happy clients recognize OSV FTZ as the most dependable partner.

We have a strong global network and digitally-structured supply chain approach and our prominence on continuous development help us move the cargo form their manufacturing locations to the destination in a hassle-free and affordable way. Our 3PL services include storage, distribution, consolidation, value-added services, and WMS-based inventory management systems. Along with that we also provide standard operating procedures.

At OSV FTZ’s, we offer Smart Logistics, Duty-Free Warehousing facilities, and seamless operations across India. All our services are fully customized for specific industries with operational sites across India.  We cater to all our needs and you can get the best FTWZ for keeping your cargo safe, offering advanced shelf life, and expand its significance to your end clients.

We always focus to respond to our customers immediately with skilled and proficient manpower across all verticals. We ensure 100% client satisfaction. Rest assured that you will experience superior customer services when you need to Export electronics to India.

Key Advantages of our Superior Supply Chain Management-

• Stress-free and effective import and re-export
• One-stop hub for multi-product import and export
• Freely Convertable currency trading module
• 24/7 customs operations
• High-tech warehouse with up-to-date equipment and well-organized IT systems to Export electronics to India
• IAF, ISO, OHSAS certified

Export electronics to India in a smart way like leaders does, at low cost, and Zero commitments with OSV FTZ’s.

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