Pharma supply chain in India

OSV Offers the Best Pharma Supply Chain in India

Undoubtedly, India plays a significant role in the pharmaceutical sector. The biotechnology industry of India that includes drug intermediates, bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-industry, and bioinformatics is rapidly growing. Also, India has a strong position in the import and export of Pharmaceuticals globally. Regularly, different global countries want to Export Pharmaceuticals to India.

In this case,supply chain management is an important part of this industry. The exporters must consider an efficient and consistent Pharma supply chain in India to reach new markets and ensure timely delivery. Look no further!! OSV is your one-stop solution.

You must understand that pharmaceutical products generally have short lifespans so that they need to be shipped on time under temperature-controlled conditions. Here OSV plays a critical role to ensure quality, safety, and efficacy when it comes to Export Pharmaceuticals to India.

As a Pharmaceuticals supplier, you may face many challenging situations such as quality and regulatory issues, product proliferation, supply chain fragmentation, and infrastructure gaps. At OSV, our experienced staff will handle the supply of raw materials, parts, and other goods needed in the manufacturing process. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including planning, controlling, and executing the materials distributions for producing a product as well as the product’s distribution to wholesalers and retailers. We also offer after-sales service and support for a product, such as scheduled maintenance and repairs made under warranty.

As a reliable Pharma supply chain in India, we always try to improve our services to achieve the best in class performance. We have a well-organized supply chain operating model which is combined with their procedures and commercial strategies. We use cutting edge technology and ensure that our IT department is well-versed makes the most of the available resources.We can help to store the data of the movement of the goods. With our streamlined process, goods will reach on time. OSV’s integrated and IT backed multi-modal network of air, road, and rail united with Free Trade Warehousing that enables us to provide tailored Supply Chain Solutions to customers across industries.

The process of our Pharma supply chain in India starts with the sourcing of the active pharmaceutical ingredient through the manufacturing, packaging, delivery, and storage of medicines before it reaches the patient at the other end.

Our team of seasoned, knowledgeable logistics experts will handle both high level and detailed logistics solutions. Our 3PL services ensure the timely movement of goods and materials. We aim at delivering quality in every aspect of our services with meticulous attention. We can meet the exact quality necessities of individual customers when it comes to Export Pharmaceuticals to India.

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