Compliance Free Import in India

OSV Provides the Most Cost-Effective Way to Import in India

If you are importing in India, then do it the smart way! Ask us how? OSV FTZ is your one-stop solution that accommodates all the conveniences for international trading through our capable and inexpensive FTWZ with value-added services. We ensure that our esteemed clients will receive great logistic solution services in a professional way.

Working over a decade in this industry, we ensure superior client satisfaction. Delivering affordable, well-organized, innovative, and custom-made solutions to our clients is our specialty.

A Cost-Effective Way to Import in India-

OSV FTZ’s are outfitted with world-class infrastructure (latest WMS, advanced infrastructure and a lot more which could be hyped), cutting edge equipment, transportation and handling facilities, commercial office space, water, power, communications & connectivity, and other useful facilities for warehousing of various products.

We ensure that this is the most Cost Effective way to Import in India with a clearance of import and export formality. OSV FTZ’s are specially located Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Gujarat, and Chennai nearby seaports, airports, or dry ports.

OSV includes personalized and categorized free trade warehouses for diverse ranges of products that improve shipping facilities, information systems for cargo tracking systems. Everything is arranged so carefully to suit international trading. Combining Smart Logistics and Duty-Free Warehousing, we enable trade simplification and logistics operations, as well as a free trade environment.

Customers can easily store their products for a long time without customs duty, Income tax, and service tax, the Tenure of Storage is of 3 long years. It accommodates customers with single-product storage facilities that help in meeting specific warehousing requirements for each product category. Take advantage of the services of Cost Effective way to Import in India that includes customs clearance time, better logistics, and connectivity to enhance the delivery time.

The Key benefits for importers-

  • The superior flexibility of Compliance Free Import in India to distributors, traders, merchant exporters, and importers-exporters
  • Premium quality control with value-added services
  • Duty deferment benefits (freeing up working capital & increasing sales)
  • GST exemption on purchases for FTWZ operations. Relaxation of Service Tax
  • Temperature controlled area for medicines & other human consumption Products
  • Reduced buffer stocks, lowered product costs, foreign exchange transaction capability

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