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Looking for a service provider for hassle-free Merchant Trading without paying duty? We are here to help you. OSV FTZ is a professional run Free Trade Warehousing company that has been operating in this industry for over a decade.

Merchant Trading-

The Merchant Trading process enables foreign MNC’s to ship the goods to/from another foreign country involving an Indian Intermediary. Because it involves Intermediary elements so it is known as Intermediary Trade.

Different types of goods can be shipped in Merchant Trading, however, that need to be allowed for exports and imports under the fundamental Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) of India on the shipment date. There are certain rules, regulations, and directions that are abided by the export and import leg respectively.

Simple Ethics of Merchant Trading in India-

• The exporter will be resident in one foreign country
• The importer will be resident in another foreign country
• The merchant or the intermediary will be resident in India

Such Condition –

• Goods picked up ought not to enter the Domestic Tariff Area of the Importing Country
• The state of the goods ought not to undertake any alteration and meant for transport from the country of the supplier to the country of the buyer.

We are working with different companies to import and export all required Merchant Trading items. Import and export to India in a smart way like leaders do, at low cost, and Zero commitments with OSV FTZ’s. Also, our FTWZs are designed with international infrastructure that contains the latest WMS and a lot more which could be hyped.

We are specialized in trading for each sector with operations and commercial presence in different countries. At OSV FTZ’s, we provide the highest standard of services of Merchant Trading without paying duty with competitive rates and the utmost dependability to foreign MNC’s.

We aim at delivering the highest quality tailored process management solutions and other related services according to the specific needs of our clients to effectively use costs and increase success. We always focused on maintaining a strong partnership with our valuable clients to deliver to their business. We have all the skills & experience to meet foreign MNC’s requirements effectively.

We have employed highly experienced and skilled specialists to carry out this task smoothly and deliver simpler, ideal solutions that clients require for the specific sector. We offer Smart Logistics, Duty-Free Warehousing, and supply chain services to global clients as well as strive to save the time and resources of our clients by using our expertise.

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