The Commercial Advantage of a Free Trade Zone Warehouse with OSV FTWZ

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Advantage of a Free Trade Zone WarehouseIndia is strongly promoting business and commerce with countries from across the world. After a slow-moving economy over the past 2 years of the pandemic scare, this is an important and significant step forward.

To aid and promote the business further the Indian government has set up free trade zones. One of the key features of free trade zone is the advantage of exposure it brings to our international clients. As a company that has a free zone warehouse, we bring better business opportunities for all our new and prospective clients too.

What Happens in a Free Trade Zone?

Here are some of the key features of the free trade zone in India –

  • As a part of SEZ, FTWZ attracts the duty and tax exemptions
  • The process of business is kept seamless and less complicated to encourage ease of doing business
  • Can stock the cargo for 3 years extendable up to 5 years
  • One of the main features of free trade zone is to promote and encourage business in India among companies from across the world
  • Can add value to your products by relabeling, kitting, repackaging, etc

Business with OSV FTWZ & Logistics

We at OSV FTWZ India understand the importance of the growth and development of business not just for our goals but even for the establishment of healthy relationships between countries.

  • To facilitate international trade, we have the finest standards in place with our free zone warehouse in several locations in India
  • Our FTWZ at Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Gujarat are among the best when it comes to well planned and a structured facility
  • There is a well-trained professional workforce in place in the FTWZ Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and Gujarat facility along with a technologically proof implementation of software solutions too.
  • As a coastal city Chennai commands, a large segment of business freight arrives in India which is well taken care of in our facility.
  • We offer a planned and structured solution for all our freight through our free zone warehouse from the point of arrival to the point of dispatch. There is no room for any slack in international business and we completely understand that.
  • The OSV FTWZ Advantage

    Our state-of-the-art modern free zone warehouse brings you several advantages packed in one. As a company, OSV offers a one-stop solution to all your business and commercial interests in India.

    We understand the features of the free trade zone and its offering to all kinds of industries. Our workforce is trained in every aspect of taxes and excise duty calculations and aware of the exemptions available for your company.

    Whether you are at the FTWZ Chennai facility or any other free trade zone warehouse across the Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Gujarat, we will represent you adequately along with the completion of all paperwork with or without any representation from your end.

    Please Contact Us for all your Business Requirements and Information

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