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Free Trade & Warehousing ZoneAbbreviated as FTWZ is commonly known as Free Trade Warehousing Zone. FTWZs are similar to special economic zones that offer various benefits in trading, warehousing, and other related aspects of trading/importing/exporting.

How to Explore Your Business Using FTWZ?

You can import goods with minimum custom hassle in FTWZ. You can store it, re-package it and can perform various value-added services like relabeling, packing, kitting, bundling, bottling, clubbing and also re-export it duty free. Currently, there are nearly Eight approved FTWZ in India.

Here are a Few Benefits of FTWZ

  1. Flexibility towards end distribution in India
  2. Duty Deferment Benefits (Freeing up working capital & increasing sales)
  3. Quality Control capability prior to duty payment
  4. Lowered Cost in Logistics and Handling of products
  5. Foreign Exchange Transaction Capability
  6. Products from India entering the FTWZ are treated as deemed exports making suppliers eligible to get export benefits
  7. GST Exemption on all activities conducted inside the FTWZ
  8. Export Quotas can be met for companies exporting to FTWZ
  9. Increased efficiency through lowered reverse logistics through quality control before dispatch from India
  10. Exemption from customs and stamp duty on products imported in FTWZ and are meant for re-export out of India

As we mentioned above there are nearly 8 FTWZ in India and FTWZ in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Chennai are ones with the high potential to grow your business with countries like China, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and many more.

If you are looking for a FTWZ in any of the locations stated above, you can look for OSV FTWZ & 3PL. Their FTWZ in Delhi NCR is just 20 Kms away from ICD TKD, 29 Kms from Delhi Airport, 17 Kms from Dadri ICD. FTWZ in Mumbai is just 57 Kms from Mumbai Airport and 25 Kms from JNPT. FTWZ in Chennai is 42 Kms from Chennai Sea Port and 32 Kms from Chennai Airport.

OSV FTWZ Facilities have following attributes –

  • State of the Art Infrastructure
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • 24*7 Guard Support
  • Picking, Packing and other Value Added Services
  • Fire Compliant
  • 1,00,000 Sqft. Area
  • Uninterruptible Electricity transmission to all working units

OSV has vast experience in working with the prominent areas of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Gujarat. OSV will help to establish your business from ground level and provide you step by step guidance as per your requirements at every FTWZ location.

OSV is your one-stop solution in the business growth. Our highly experienced team will ensure hassle-free and appropriate operation done timely in FTWZ Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Gujarat as soon as you consult us.

OSV works hard towards end-to-end supply chain management connectivity and uses its skills and capabilities to create the most productive End-to-End supply chain services. Moreover through our network in over 192 countries with 7000+ Channel Partners, OSV can connect you with multiple suppliers and buyers via Free trade zone in Delhi, Free trade zone in Mumbai, and Free trade zone in Chennai.

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