OSV Process Chart

Key Features

  • Import hassle free to OSV Free Trade Warehouse from any part of the world without having any Indian registered Identity
  • Hassle free Re-exports without payments of:
    • Indian duties and taxes
    • Leveraging Indian labour and Skills
    • After doing value addition such as re-packing, relabeling, kitting etc.
  • Facilitates Duty deferment on Imports for a long period.
  • Foreign companies can avoid any taxation and registrations in Indian territories.

OSV Process Chart Detailed

Key Features

  • Goods sourced from multiple locations within India or abroad or consolidation by foreign buyers.
  • FTWZ enables Indian traders to transact with GST benefit and at increased efficiency through its value added services – Offering better distribution channels, deferred duty/tax  payments, and lowered costs.
  • FTWZ also enables traders to consolidate and save on logistics cost.

OSV FTWZ & Connectivity with Major Indian Ports

Distance Between Port/Icd To OSV FTWZ :
From Delhi to ICD Tkd.
From Delhi ICD Tkd. 30 Kms
From Delhi Airport
From Delhi Airport 35 Kms
From Delhi NCR(Dadri ICD)
From Delhi NCR(Dadri ICD) 30 Kms
From JNPT 25 Kms
From Mumbai Airport
From Mumbai Airport 27 Kms
From Chennai Sea Port
From Chennai Sea port 42 Kms
From Chennai Airport
From Chennai Airport 32 Kms