Advantages of India Free Trade Zone with OSV FTZs & Logistics

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Free Trade Zone in IndiaThere are several steps taken by the Indian government to promote international trade and business development in the past few years. Significant among these is approving the FTWZ India to various private players across the country.

A free trade zone provides a wide range of special benefits and advantages for doing business with Indian global companies. In fact, this is a means of attracting a greater number of global companies to come to India.

Benefits of Free Trade Zones

The specific locations of a free trade zone are set up based on its advantages and popularity as a destination for international business.

  • As part of the India free trade zone features companies are allowed special benefits of doing business in the country
  • Benefits from FTWZ India include various tax and duty deferments in addition to ease of business operations setup in the country
  • There is an added advantage of the free trade zone where easy currency conversions are available. This is a huge advantage for companies both Indian and global to carry forth their transactions.
  • Availability of FTWZ India has considerably brought down the capital expenses of the global companies that has only encouraged them to do more business with their Indian counterparts without any permanent establishments. Apprehensions with regard to use of Indian labour force and the labour laws here are considerably reduced with the free trade zone in India.

How Can We Help You Work Better?

We OSV FTWZ are a leading name among companies for 3PL logistics services in India and we have a significant presence in the FTWZ India.

  • We provide state of art logistics facilities for our client companies at all the free trade zone locations in India.
  • At OSV we have a huge workforce that is trained in every aspect of international business and tax laws pertaining to India.
  • So when it comes to matters of FTWZ India we are more than capable of handling your paperwork along with representing your company to avail all special benefits.
  • Our professional team can avail all the tax exemptions and duty deferments available from India free trade zone on behalf of your company.
  • Even if you have no office in India and no legal or formal representation at the OSV FTWZ, you can trust us to take all of your business operations and formalities to completion.
  • We ensure complete logistics facilities from the time of arrival to safekeeping to the time of dispatch. There is every arrangement made at different points of the transit to provide a seamless and hassle-free delivery and shipment process.

We invite you to come and talk to us; allow us to present the business advantage we will be able to provide you all along the way.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your business in India.

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