Free Trade Zone In Chennai With Ease

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free trade zone warehouse in chennaiA free trade zone in Chennai is a facility in an area that the Indian government classifies as being outside of the Indian customs territory, despite the location remaining within the borders of the country. Such free trade zones are mostly located near the customs and border protection ports of entry. The ftz warehouse was created to help the companies improve their trade and competitive level on globalized platforms.

Unlike the bonded warehouses that are typically focusing on custom-controlled facilities, the ftz in India will operate under various sets of rules. Moreover, the tax guidelines are completely different for these warehouses as well. So, the next time you are looking for ftwz Chennai, you are requested to come up to us at OnnSynex Ventures Pvt. Ltd. and get impressive help as asked for.

How are these Warehouses Used:

A free trade zone in the Chennai warehouse will help you to import any form of legal merchandise without paying any expensive import duties or even dealing with other forms of formal customs entry procedures.

  • With us, you need to fill up only one paperwork and that is the Customs entry form for any merchandise that you want to remove from the warehouse later.
  • With the help of FTZ warehouse from us, you don’t have to post a bond on goods.
  • If you want, you can even choose to have tariff in effect, either when the goods are entering our warehouses or whenever they are shipped out.

Benefits that come in handy with our FTWZ:

As the FTZ in India from our site allows you to import goods without covering any duties or most of the inventory taxes and fees, the main benefit that comes with it is the cost-saving notion of the entire service. You get to increase your savings count further as there are some other features you get from our FTWZ Chennai. Want to know more? Let’s learn together!

  • With us, you get indefinite space to store all your goods under strict guidance and in proper temperature-controlled environments.
  • You can further enjoy better quality control with our free trade zone in Chennai. There are proper inventory tracking and compliance services available too.
  • There are going to be custom duty exemptions on the FTZ warehouse to FTZ transfers from our side.
  • We will duly eliminate scrap, waste, and yield loss to maintain the hygienic quotient of our FTZ in India for you.
  • There are going to be duty exemptions on re-exports as well.
  • You will receive complete relief from the inverted tariffs as well.

With our FTWZ Mumbai, you will receive permits to assemble and test your products. We also permit destruction, processing, salvaging, cleaning, relabeling, mixing, repackaging, and similar other services to cover your logistics needs now. You further get to manufacture in the FTZ warehouse with some special permission from the FTZ board.

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