Export Chemicals to India

Export Chemicals to India with Value-added Services

Export Chemicals to India is increasing hastily with India’s chemical industry is growing effectively. It is sufficiently showing its presence in the chemical industry and producing high-quality items for industrial use. Chemicals play a crucial role in different sectors such as the paint and dyes industry, manufacturing industries as well as agricultural sectors. Indeed, chemicals are the daily need of making architectural structures to pesticides for crops. There are different sorts of chemicals that importing in India.

When we talk about Export Chemicals to India, majorly, categories in which chemical importers cope are organic chemical imports and inorganic chemical imports. FTWZ’s play a major role in importing and exporting of goods swiftly in this case. The exporters can ship chemicals to a Free trade warehousing zone and then it can be cleared as per the needs. It promotes faster clearances and reduces downtime as low as one day. However, the process should be followed in a great way.

Need to Export Chemicals to India in a smart way? Ask us how? OSV FTZ’s is your one-stop solution that offers Smart Logistics and Duty-Free Warehousing for the foreign MNC’s exporting to India. We have years of experience in this industry that ensures superior customer service.

OSV FTZ’s accommodates customers with well-organized FTWZ in different locations such as Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Gujarat, and Chennai, outfitted with international standard infrastructure with the latest WMS and a lot more so that your exporting chemicals can be stored and you can keep refilling the FTWZ stock with the consumer goods without paying import duties. We have developed solutions that guarantee your Indian sales force can focus 100% on what is important.

Most importantly, our certified and skilled specialists perform all essential business support functions, including accounting, administration, sales order handling, and logistics & supply chain management. We have a strong network that is supported by a country-wide office and warehousing network.

What you can expect from our FTWZ-

• Tenure of duty-free Storage is 3 years
• Inventory exported to our FTWZ remains will be free from the taxation system
• Export Chemicals to India with free International movement without paying any duty in India
• Value-added services are allowed in the FTWZ with no local Indian taxes
• 24/7 customs clearance is allowed at the port area thus ensuring faster clearance
• The storage charges in the FTWZ can be paid in the Foreign Exchange
• FTWZ with top-class infrastructure that contains the latest WMS and a lot more
• Also focus on Distributing business/Distributors/Smart Distribution/Smart Distributors

Export Chemicals to India in a smart way like leaders does, at low cost, and Zero commitments with OSV FTZ’s

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