The Benefits of Using OSV FTZ ‘Free Trade Zone’ Services

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Free Trade Zone Warehouse in IndiaWe OSV are a leading Free Trade Zone Warehouse in India offering end-to-end services in foreign trade. Strategically located in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Chennai, and Gujarat, all FTZs are well connected by rail and road networks and three of them also have access to the busiest ports of India.

OSV’s world-class FTZs, dedicated container yards, state-of-the-art cargo handling equipment, integrated IT services, and skilled manpower is uniquely positioned to assist its clients in enhancing their business processes and supply chain. The company is rapidly upgrading and expanding its services and has successfully provided efficient and cost-effective solutions regarding domestic trade and international trade.

Here we present the best reasons why you should choose OSV for your next FTZ warehousing needs.

Duty Deferment

First and foremost while trading with India, Custom Duty plays an important role itself. It is something that you cannot get rid of. But what if we tell you that by stocking your goods inside our FTZ you can defer it.

Yes, you heard it right defer it.

Let’s suppose your commodity comes with a duty of 30% and your estimated stock value is 1 cr.

Now, without FTZ you have to pay 30 lakh upfront whereas by using FTZ you can defer it and will pay it only when goods are sold in DTA.

This means that you have more working capital now than before and can use it for your business more than before. All your duties and taxes are deferred while you use OSV FTZ as your supply chain partner.

Hassle-Free Custom Clearance

At OSV, we have a transparent understanding of the customs act and regulations in India and hence, our teams are skilled in smoothly dealing with customs and clearing all import deliveries across international ports within a time frame of 24 to 48 hours.

While we assure the maximum safety of your foreign trade, you can also track the entire process, right from the shipment until it arrives at the container ports and finally when it reaches the warehouse.

OSV FTZs are licensed and insured, and we guarantee customers to not worry a bit about their duties and services related to custom clearings of consignments.

Moreover, OSV FTZs strive to allow the most duty deferral of any customs program. One can bring goods into their FTZs without duties or most fees, including exemption from inventory tax.

Send Exhibition Cargo to India

Exhibition cargo plays an important role in carrying and conveying the reputation of a business or brand. Exhibiting at trade shows allows businesses to connect with potential clients and create leads.

OSV FTZs make this expensive affair a cost-effective service by enabling business holders to display their products or services in India without the hassles of documentation or duty through Temporary Importation.

Our experienced team is fully equipped to handle such crucial foreign trade goods and holds the reputation of handling the supply chain successfully of several trade fairs and exhibitions.

We strive to deliver the best knowledge-based tactics to meet the needs of supply chain logistics so business holders can enter a market already buzzing with their products.

Free Custom Duty On Zone-To-Zone Transfers

OSV’s free trade zone in India is popular for efficiently managing trans-shipping operations, thus saving money on manufacturing processing fees. We think beyond domestic trade & international trade and also focus on cross-docking and transferring goods from one FTZ to another without the payment of any customs duty.

With OSV FTZs, your products are in safe and secure hands that will reach their destination hassle-free within the stipulated time.

An Experienced Team

Backed by the knowledge and experience center of EX IAS, IRS, and industry veterans, OSV is a team of experienced and dedicated experts who are updated with the know-about of the Supply Chain Industry and have a vast knowledge of operating free trade zone in India or anywhere else around the world.

OSV FTZs are ISO, IAF, OHSAS, and EnMS certified and are a reliable integrated logistics firm providing end-to-end smart solutions to all the customers. The teams at OSV are equipped with the essential skills, knowledge as well as infrastructure, machinery, and tools so they can add maximum value to every step of the logistics chain. Their strong global networks stand testimony to their world-class services and efficiency.

Efficient Inventory Management

OSV FTZ enables company leaders to track their inventory and orders so companies can truly reap the benefits of the FTZ.

This is much-needed in industries where high-volume operations are extremely difficult and cannot be managed manually.

With OSV’s WMS you can track what is happening with your shipment here in India.

For example, the data needed to classify goods is voluminous and frequently changes and each must be pulled from country-specific lists. But software with all the information in a central repository with automatic updates can pull all the information from different systems in a short span of time.

To get a customizable benefit for you, contact us now.

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